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EFT Tapping

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and how can it help me?

EFT (Also known as Tapping) is fast becoming an established part of the mainstream because of its power to help many emotional issues from anxiety, depression and stress to pain, limiting beliefs and much much more.

Here’s just some of the things EFT can help with:

  • depression

  • fears and phobias

  • stress

  • pain management

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • trauma

  • anger management

  • weight loss

  • insomnia

What you’ll learn:

  • Help yourself to overcome negative emotional states with EFT.

  • Uncover deeper EFT techniques that can help release trauma. 

  • Discover advanced EFT patterns that will help you make positive change to your life.

To book 5 or 10 EFT sessions, please get in touch. There is a free consultation and prices are discussed during consultation. Discounts can be made upon discretion.