Morning Habits of a Self-Employed Yoga Teacher: 12 things to complete before 8 am

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Here is a comprehensive list of what I do every morning between 5:30 am and 8 am. Download my FREE Morning Habits Checklist!

Books like the Miracle Morning and The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal are inspiring millions of people every day to start their day in the most productive way. However, many people read these books and get inspired for a few days before falling into their old ways. How can you have a successful morning when you are still asleep?

I thought I was an early riser. It turns out I only woke up early as I worked early (8 am starts). Once I became self-employed, I found that I was only getting out of bed at around 9.30 /10 am, and by the time I’d showered and eaten breakfast most of my day was gone. I was feeling strange as I’d always woke up to travel to work and now I wasn’t really sure on how to structure my day. I had read the Miracle Morning sometime in January this year and had tried to start this before I left for India in April. However, I was only doing it a couple of days a week and so it wasn’t really a habit, more of an inconvenience if anything. I needed my sleep.

Another reason I wasn’t following the Miracle Morning was because Hal Elrond suggests you place your phone in a place where you have to actually get up and switch off your alarm. This part of the book made me think. What about if you are sharing a bedroom with someone? My boyfriend does not get out of bed until 8:30 am. If I was to have an alarm blaring at 5 am, he would not be too happy about that. I get it. Sleep is precious.

My solution? Get a Fitbit. Or some kind of silent, vibrating alarm clock. Yes, it doesn’t work all the time, there have been many times I have just pressed snooze on my Fitbit and rolled over. But the secret really is the mindset and getting to sleep early. Not where you put your alarm. If you live alone this might work, but for me, I have to improvise.

I am writing this today as someone who did not practice my Miracle Morning today, I got hooked on a Netflix series and didn’t actually go to bed until 11:30pm. My alarm went off at 6, and I rolled over. It is crucial that if you want to have a productive morning, you must sleep earlier. I had tested myself to see if I could still be productive even if I sleep in. Turns out my morning was a mess. I had dragged myself out of bed by 8:30am, 3 hours after I should have woken. I also had not planned the night before, and this is also very important. I grew up in a household where my mum would always say to me “don’t plan for the next day, it will never work out the way you want to”. Some great advice mum. Let’s try and be more positive!

Is the Key to Success waking up earlier?

Here is a list of successful people who wake up at the crack of dawn:

Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up at 3.45 am to exercise and check his emails

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in the gym by 4 am

Richard Branson wakes up at 5:45 am to grab breakfast and exercise before work

Oprah Winfrey gets up no later than 6:20 am by walking the dogs and drinking chai or a cappuccino. She then exercises, meditates and eats breakfast.

Elon Musk is up by 7 to check his emails and drop the kids off to school

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is usually found reading the newspaper on his treadmill at 7 am.

In order for me to start building a successful business, I know there is only one way to start my mornings and that is EARLY. As a yoga teacher - especially if being a yoga teacher is your only job, it can mean that every day is different. You don’t wake up at 7 am, get ready to leave the house at 8 am and complete your 9-5 before heading home. You have classes at 6 or 7 am, maybe a client at 1pm and then a few classes in the evening. It is sporadic, this is the life of a freelancer, so you better get used to it.

As I have deliberately made sure I do not teach until 9 am everyday (this may change) I have found a perfect sweet spot for myself. To wake up between 5:30 am – 6 am. This was so hard at the beginning because I just didn’t have the motivation to get out of bed. So, I started to re-read the Miracle Morning (Hal Elrond mentions to re-read books that inspire you as much as possible in his book), and it got me going. Now I do not follow the Miracle Morning, or any of the other regimes you may have heard of. I have started my own routine, which I have taken inspiration from each book I have read.

So, this is my morning Routine, which is usually between 5:30/6 am - 8 am.

1. Get out of Bed.

For me, if that means I have to look at my phone so that the bright light opens my eyes, I will. I will most likely take a look at emails first thing. But I DO NOT RESPOND. I don’t respond to texts, Instagram or Facebook comments. I just glance at the title of each emails. It’s just to wake me up. I’ll do this for about 5-10 minutes and then drag my butt out of bed.

2. Wash your Face and Brush your Teeth.

There is no way I’m opening my eyes fully unless some water gets in there. The minty taste of toothpaste wakes me up fully.

3. Meditate.

I meditate for 5-10 minutes every morning. Even if my routine is out of the window, meditation always happens. I will talk about the benefits of meditation in another post, however this is key to a successful start. You can either meditate in silence or listen to a guided meditation. For me, I play 432hz relaxing music to inhale and exhale to. The 432hz actually is a frequency which raises your vibration.

4. Drink Water.

This is so important. You have most likely been asleep for 8 hours without hydration. Hydrate yourself. Extra bonus points for using pure, filtered water. I drink 500 ml straight after meditating.

5. Practice Gratitude.

Practising gratitude is literally the best part of my day. My friend gave me this Gratitude Journal, an amazing tool that I use daily. Even if you can’t think of anything you are grateful for, maybe write how grateful that you're alive and breathing. Sending gratitude to the universe means the universe is more likely to have your back. I usually write in my journal while sipping on a green tea (or a coffee if I’m struggling).

6. List Affirmations and Visualise.

Every day I write or reread a list of affirmations. I write all the things I want to become or what I want to have, and I write this in present tense. For example, “I am happy” or “I have that car”. I also write things like “I am so happy I have made £XXX this month”. Once I have written these out, I will visualize it. You have to believe it. I also use Pinterest as a tool for Pinning anything I want on my Pinterest Vision Board. Try it.

7. Move your body.

I go to the gym every morning and do at least a 3k run along with some strength training. On days I do not do strength training, I run 5k. The best way to start your day is to get blood pumping into your system, the endorphin rush is key for a positive mind and body. If I do not go to the gym, I will practice yoga in the living room.

8. Have a Shower.

Well if you’ve just gone to the gym then you must shower. Before I shower, I use a body brush to stimulate circulation and blood flow. After showering I moisturize straight away.

9. Planning

Once I’m clothed, I’ll usually pour myself a cup of molasses tea and start planning how my day will go. The night before I usually list everything that I need to do the next day, however the morning after I will schedule in times (unless there is a booked client/meeting). I’ll actually write things like “8:30am – 9:30am: Prepare Sequence. 9:30am – 10:30am: Practice Sequence”.

10. Love.

I pencil in time to give my boyfriend a good morning hug and kiss every day. It is important that you make time for the ones you love. My boyfriend usually gets up once I have finished my shower, so it’s a perfect time to say hello. If you live alone, it could be the perfect time to send a loving text to a friend or family member.

11. Tidy.

Usually the flat is tidy before I go to sleep, but if there is any mess (usually in the kitchen) I will clean up before I start my day. Emptying the dishwasher is vital.

12. Check and respond to Emails and Social Media.

This is the last thing on my list. I will check my phone and laptop for emails. I’ll respond to Instagram and Facebook notifications and spend about 30 minutes or so doing this

before my day starts.

So, there you have it, a list of morning habits to complete before 8am. I have created a FREE pdf to download with my routine which you can follow or use as a guideline to your amazing morning!

Note. I don’t usually have breakfast until around 10 am so I’ve left it out. However, I will add breakfast to the pdf, I just didn’t want to have a list of 13 items!

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