Vegan Purple Detox Smoothie

Detox smoothie sounds like something that would taste like grass and you'd have to hold your nose drinking it. Well this detox smoothie literally tastes so creamy, you'll feel like you're indulging in a naughty dessert!

Ever since I dived into the world of self-employment, I have never been so busy. I actually want to wake up early and work. I actually forget about eating. This is a new thing for me, as in my previous job I’d waste time cooking up a breakfast and slowly eating it while scrolling on Instagram. I was procrastinating. This was because I didn’t enjoy what I did. Now, I am so excited that I am teaching yoga, working on my blog and doing what I want to do that I totally forget I need to eat something.

Enter the magical smoothie. This smoothie makes me smile because it’s such a beautiful colour. To get that wonderful purple colour, blueberries are key. Filled with antioxidants, these berries fight harmful free radicals and gives a number of health benefits. In fact, antioxidants not only prevent cell damage, but also protect against several types of chronic disease, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Oats will help fill you up and the chia seeds which are a nutritional powerhouse will give you protein, energy, calcium and fibre. Both will help cleanse the system for detoxing. Maca Root powder is fantastic for balancing hormones and gives you a lovely energy boost. Vegan protein powder will keep you fuller for longer.

You don’t need to add any sweeteners to this smoothie as the banana will be ripe and sweet enough. If you need sweetness, opt for maple syrup or one medjool date. Try and stay away from artificial sweeteners.

If you are busy with your day and haven’t got time for breakfast, this smoothie will fill you up and give you all the energy you need. It will also help cleanse and detoxify the system, aiding in weight loss. It’s so simple, just throw everything into a blender and voilà!


1 frozen banana (If using fresh, add ice to make the smoothie cooler)

50 grams blueberries fresh or frozen (I used frozen)

½ cup spinach

Vegan protein powder (I use this one)

3 tablespoons gluten free rolled oats (I use this one)

1 teaspoon maca root powder

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1 teaspoon hemp seeds

1 teaspoon milled flax seed

150 ml homemade almond milk

Water to thin

Optional: Maple Syrup or 1 medjool date to sweeten


1) Throw everything into a blender

2) Blend

3) Enjoy

There you have it! Let me know if you make it and if you would like to see more recipes on my blog.

Love Sanne x x

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